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Hi guys

Over the past year, fitness has turned my life around completely. I am now happily engaged to my fiancee Ruth and we have an amazing life. I would like to give back to the community and inspire others, especially those who suffer from depression, low self-esteem and health problems. In response to this concern, I have decided to devote over 1 month to writing a monster fitness guide for beginners which I would like to get published on your blog. I am sure that people will enjoy reading my tips and experiences.

I have saved the guide on my Google drive:

I am sorry but I did not have time to put together some images so it would be good if you could add some. I have included a blurb about myself that you can add to the post.

Have an awesome day!


P.S. I really hope that you will like my guide as I have spent a hell of a lot of time in writing it :)


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Elton John is my favourite musician of all time. Elton fans, let's unite at! Full list of Elton John Concerts in the USA and Canada!


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